Mario Arroyave | SIMULATIONS
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The advances of physics in the last century have led us to understand the matter at the subatomic level, allowing us to predict with great accuracy its behavior and thus know in advance the relationships of the elements when interacting with each other.

The mathematical algorithms that support these advances introduce us into their world, a world that reveals its accuracy, its perfection, a world that we are not creating, a world that we are discovering. Mathematics being the most accurate language to describe our environment, where everything that exists can be reduced to algorithms, where the only gap is our limited knowledge of the subject.

Today we are immersed in a reality that is rapidly advancing towards digitalization, the BIG DATA reduces us to simple statistical data that define with great precision our behavior patterns and routines, blurring the individual and minimizing the complexity of human behavior.

Simultaneous displacement is the first approach to the series simulations; Using computer algorithms to visualize the possible encounters that would arise in the interaction of a certain group of people. The system computes its characteristic features and thus constructs the vector plane of interrelationships between them, generating a prediction of their behavior in a simulated space outside of time and space. A representation of current reality, a reality of numbers that are computed at high speeds, generating more and more accurate information about who we are and what we will do.

SIMULATION # 1 2018, 160 x 280 cm    Edition of 5

SIMULATION # 1 2018, Detail