Mario Arroyave (Espinal, Colombia, 1983), his approach to photography begins at age 13 empirically and developed in the coming years as a Side project, while studying and working in systems engineering and advertising in Costa Rica and Colombia. In 2010 he starts a carrier as an artist, showcasing at the Warehouse Art Gallery opening.

Nowadays is one of the leading Colombian young artists. His work have been shown in individual and collective exhibitions in Bogotá, Medellín, Lima, Sao Paulo, Miami, Dallas, New York, Tokyo, among others.

His work talks about the reinvention of the individual through his experiences; about the detachment of the interactions that define us as a reflection of previously conceived information, and how each interaction creates his own time, reaching empty spaces where time disappears and we are allowed to blur and adopt new forms.

Timeline, its most wide and recognized series, reflects this temporary non-existence, generating a notion of time-space from interactions of people or objects that inhabit or act in a certain place. In this way vast landscapes are created, expanding space as a result of the accumulated interactions that are generated within it, and these, in turn, are synthesized in a single timeless moment.


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