Mario Arroyave | Film
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The apparent statism of solid forms creates an illusion of rigidity in existence. This illusion reinforces the human tendency to define the visible, define the perceptible to consolidate it within a category. Our propensity for labeling our environment, generates a sum of characteristics that add a burden and a weight to the form, addressing the same imprisonment of it. The social conventions in which we are immersed, lead us to a continuous self-determination of our being, which little by little we mold ourselves as sculptures that finally solidify and take a definitive form. This is the way to turn it into a last moment that hinders our movement within the ephemeral of existence. Rigidity, product of a macroscopic appreciation of the world, at the same time synthesizing it and carrying it out at the subatomic level, shows us that everything is in continuous vibration, in continuous mutation.



“A memories tissue”