Mario Arroyave | Bio
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Mario Arroyave (Espinal, Colombia, 1983), his approach to photography begins empirically at age 13, work that he cultivated in parallel while studying systems engineering and advertising. In 2010 he began his career as a plastic artist, participating in the opening of The Warehouse Art Gallery (currently SGR Gallery). Since then his career has been on the rise, establishing himself as one of the young artists, whose work revolves around photographic languages, with greater recognition in the National scene. His works have been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Bogotá, Medellín, Lima, Sao Paulo, Miami, Dallas, New York and Tokyo (among others).


His work starts from the reinvention of being through travel; of the detachment of the interactions that define us as a reflection of previously conceived information, thus reaching vacant spaces where time disappears and we are allowed to blur to adopt new forms. Timeline, its series of greater magnitude and recognition, reflects that temporary non-existence, generating the notion of time-space from interactions of people or objects that inhabit or act in a specific place. In this way vast landscapes are created that expand that space as a result of the accumulation of the interactions that are generated within it, and these, in turn, are synthesized in a single timeless moment.