Mario Arroyave | Bio
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Mario Arroyave (Espinal, Colombia, 1983), his approach to photography begins empirically at age 13, work that he cultivated in parallel while studying systems engineering and advertising. In 2010 he began his career as a plastic artist, participating in the opening of The Warehouse Art Gallery (currently SGR Gallery). Since then his career has been on the rise, establishing himself as one of the young artists, whose work revolves around photographic languages, with greater recognition in the National scene. His works have been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Bogotá, México City, Sao Paulo, Miami, Dallas, New York, Singapore and Tokyo (among others).

Incorporating concepts from physics and IT to the creation of pieces developed by exploring the relationship between the body and space, as well as the human interactions that follow each other in time; social and archetypical patterns that reflect the inexistence of individuality in places where we can perceive humanity as a whole, are evidenced through an angular lens that portrays our being from an elevated perspective. 

Rather than exploring the self as a macro system, Arroyave undertakes an intimate dialogue that produces immersive pieces leading to introspection. Thus, he proposes a dialectic game between macro and micro that seeks to unravel the binary and expose the eternal back-and-forth we inhabit.